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Fire 2.0: Announcing the Fire Wallet

By Josh Breite
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Remember when you got started in web3? It was probably confusing. Maybe you were excited to use DeFi or mint an NFT. But then you had to safeguard 12 random words, approve code you can’t read and watch the blockchain’s gears spin on Etherscan.

If you’re like us, you probably thought “Am I doing this right?” a lot, knowing how many people lose their crypto assets in scams or lost wallets.

Web3 is hard to use, and wallets are a bottleneck. No matter how good a dApp’s UX is, you have to confirm transactions in your wallet. Even the smoothest Uniswap interface can’t get around approving 3 transactions to provide liquidity. 

So when our friend lost an Ape to a scam, we heard the call to make web3 safe by making it simple. 

We started by improving the wallet you already have. It didn’t matter which browser extension wallet you used; Our transaction simulator turned confusing code into readable transactions, protecting tens of thousands of wallets from scams. 

Yes, we started by making transactions readable. But now we’re taking it even further: We’ll transform what wallets can do.

That’s why we’ve built one behind the scenes—and now we can lift the curtain: Meet the Fire Wallet!

More info soon. Sign up under this link to get news and access first!

If you’re exploring Ethereum, check out Fire!

We’re a trusted chrome extension that simulates transactions before you sign any potentially malicious smart contract.
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